Monday, October 20, 2014

She doesn't design clothes, she designs dreams!

I think October might just be my favorite month, it's the beginning of what I lovingly refer to as the fuck off months.  The thrift shops are filled with all sorts of vintage delights that most around here will only dare wear on Halloween, but not me, that's everyday wear I say!  Check out these recent finds!  This bag was all of $4.
Crazy handmade top $3
 on the back.
 Sweet lil poncho $1!
 Adorable old print.
I also have to share what is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.  I am not a girl that is into designer fashion BUT there is ONE designer who has captured my heart, her name is Susanne Bisovsky!  I adore her so very much that I emailed her to let her know, well she replied back, can you believe it?  That was about 6 months ago and she just had a show in Vienna and I emailed her to tell her how beautiful her stuff looked and she blew me away by asking for my address to send me a few things!  Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?

 Two pairs of gorgeous thigh highs, a scarf and a rose pin.  I about died!  Not only is she an amazing designer she has a heart embroidered out of gold.  
 I am putting together something very special to send her.
I hope one day I can visit her salon in Vienna and try on some of her beautiful clothes.  In other news I have been busy with all sorts of fun stuff.  Here are some pictures of what I've been up too.  I said good bye to my folks after what I can say was our best visit yet!
 Our fancy dinner out at the VQ.  Duck prosciutto, it was weird.
 Yummy salad with hazel nuts and goat cheese.
 My salmon crusted in black sesame.
 Chris's mighty fried chicken and biscuit, I should have got that!
I went to the Pumpkin patch with my niece and nephew!

 Jack called me his crazy Auntie and my heart melted.
 What's so crazy?

 I checked out the Davis Graveyard and it was pretty cool!  It's a family home and they put up 80 tombstones in their front yard, all those are made of foam!

 Went to the Apple Festival with Cristi!

Got a little tipsy this weekend.
Rocked my Kiss Me Kitty Day of the Dead leggings!

I got a hair cut.  I am working on getting a whole new color but first my pink has to fade.  Is that even possible?
Here is the inspiration for my new colors, what do you think?
 I made a delicious simple apple crumble last night!

Oh and  I saw The Book of Life yesterday and it was probably the most beautiful animated film I have ever seen in my life!  The story was meh but the visual aspect was mind blowing!  Ok sorry to throw so much at you, I hope you are all enjoying October so far!

Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm always a kid around my folks, until I'm not

I don't know where the time has gone since we returned from Seattle but life sure is busy at the moment.  My folks are up from San Diego spending some time with Chris and I.  This week we had the blood moon and my Step Dad Jim and I got up at 3 am to check it out.
 It was spectacular, both the eclipse part and the orange color of the moon after.
 The best part was that it was just he and I and that killer blood moon.
 The next morning the sky looked like this.
My folks love the beaches in Oregon and are staying a few days in Cannon Beach so I drove out to the coast to hang with them.
Gorgeous happy couple.
I love these two!
 The local candy shop was busy making Halloween treats.
 I tried to take this home for Cristi.

I love the drive out to the coast in my car.  I had the tunes blaring and the sunroof open the whole time.
 The mist gave the beach an erie beautiful stillness.  It was strange in a way being here with them since the last time I was here was when we spread my Dad's ashes. Life just keeps on doesn't it.
 You gotta find the humor in every situation
 and appreciate the time spent with people you love
 and dress up because it makes you feel better.
 I enjoy spending time with them so very much.
 Tell me this doesn't look like a cartoon bunny skull.

 I still have a few more days with them. One night we are going out to a fancy ass dinner and the other I'll cook.  Sometimes it's the simple things that bring me the most pleasure.