Monday, September 15, 2014

We live the life we love, we love the life we live!

 This weekend Cristi and I brought Kiss Me Kitty to the Belmont Street Fair, it was another day in the sunshine meeting Portland's weirdest!  I love this city more than words can describe!  We embrace what's on the fringe, and are curious about our differences.  I don't think I could ever live anywhere else again.  I feel like my tribe is in PDX.
Again I hardly took any pictures because we were so busy and the lighting just isn't the best in a pink tent.
 These guys called themselves unicorn boys and then were so very sweet.
This was a customers dog and I feel in love with him, shh don't tell Peetee.

 I didn't even get a picture of Cristi and I together, UGH! I did however manage to buy this skirt from a seller I adore, its made of vintage fabric.
 and this Frida
I also wanted to invite all of you local Portland peeps to come check out an estate sale that I briefly mentioned would be happening soon.    TONS of old stuff, furniture and linens, some as old as 200 years.  This family was one of the first homesteaders here in Oregon so there is a lot of history packed into the house.  The sale is September 19-21 from 10-3 and the address is 4825 SW Maple Ave. in Beaverton.  I got this there and just dyed it pink.
  I also got these linens.
 The pillow cases I found at the Goodwill and they make me very happy.
So does this chenille bedspread I found years ago for about $50.  

 I'll finish things off with a pretty dress because what gal doesn't like that.

I think I better get to work now :)  Have a lovely week ladies!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't tell me the sky is the limit, there are footprints on the MOON!

Here in Portland, last nights harvest moon was captivating.  I found myself outside late tending to  my garden lost in my thoughts.  I feel a change coming on, I'm hungry for it.  Maybe fall has already landed in my lap and with that new weight I'm eager to find out what it is I must shed.  My hands tended to many things this weekend and I found so much joy in everything.  This took me no time at all to create but I love it to no end.  Curtise I think these pink cuffs might be from you :)
 I wonder what my neighbors must think when I bring my things outside to photograph.
 I also finished part of the arbor.
I first drew and cut out my own stencils and then painted about 5 layers of  color.  I think it turned out pretty cute!   The top outside will be tricky because I will have to do it from a ladder that I will have to set upon the rocks, not ideal so I'm just enjoying this very much for now.
 The best part was painting it.  I took Peetee out with me early in the morning and curled him up in a blanket and tucked him on the bench.  I took my time and enjoyed every minute of it.
Remember two weeks ago it looked like this, not bad eh:)
I was also spoiled by Holly who sent me this bright happy package last week.  Hey did you hear, she finally had that baby girl.  Congrats honey!
Look at this bounty~ Hmong patches, some of her photographs, handmade hair clips, an owl bag and some cool old patches!

 I got plans for these already.
I think I may have got my last wear of the season in this new favorite dress.

 Cristi also managed to wear a beautiful summer dress when we went out for beers the other day.  We are working at the Belmont Street fair this Saturday and are both looking forward to that.
 Of course we had time for thrifting.  We each found a lil treasure.
 Or two.
 I found this for $5 and I'm hoping Jon can turn it into a boom box one day!
Another fringe scarf and what has to be my last bag purchase ever!  Ok I know that is going to be difficult but I'm at maximum capacity!
After spending an afternoon in my spare bedroom, AKA dressing room, I packed up another 3 bags to donate.  It's time to get brutal, but I had to have this scarf:)
 and this dress.  I can't resist color, I'm drawn to it like I need it to live.
What is your weakness?  Is it thrifting?  Food?  Porn?  Reality TV?  Books?  What is it?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer burns my blues away

Oh beautiful summer thank you so much for lingering a little longer.  This week in Portland is promising more heat and clear blue skies. Its strange for this native born California girl to get distracted by sunshine but I do, it just makes me want to play.
 I finally had a chance to wear this vintage Hawaiian dress bought at Vintage by the Pound for all of $5.  It's a nice thick cotton and as you can see fits just right.  Cristi is wearing a sweet 50's dress!
With so many recent scores at the thrift shops Chris and I packed up 7 bags of clothes to donate.
Look I have wings :)
Here is a quick glimpse of a quilted lounging dress I found.
 and another cotton Kimono.
All the Halloween stock is out at thrift stores and that means plenty of choice stuff for me:)  I also found these needlepoint creations to add to our entryway.
 I added a bit of color to the old frames.
 I also scored this insane jumper after drooling over Shelley's!
I found this patchwork cookie jar!
Peetee has been enjoying himself, both inside
 and outside.
My sister sent me this photo, it's most of our Dad's animal collection, she made a beautiful colorful tribute to him at her house.  I really love it, especially because I know this is the most colorful spot in her home:)
I managed to get my primer coat down this weekend and today I will apply the nice bright white paint so I can get onto the fun part, painting flowers and hearts on it!
Last night we had pizza
I ate 3 pieces plus had a nice tall cold one and finished it off with two scoops of ice cream, after that I came home crawled into bed and fell into a food induced slumber of epic proportions.